The ISOF and NETs.Work faculty would like to express its sincere thanks for the vision, support, patience and brilliant technical assistance of Dr. Marty Nachbar and his team at the Advanced Educational Systems Lab, NYU School of Medicine.

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An interactive multimedia package that is specifically designed to assist faculty and students, with minimal computing experience, in authoring web-based lessons. G. Albright, R. Vacca, S. Cohen, Baruch College, CUNY

The Psychology of the Internet
This site describes the undergraduate course "Psychology of the Internet" and gives examples of student-authored multimedia projects related to course topics. Larson, H. and Albright, G. Baruch College, CUNY

Music Appreciation
Creation of interactive listening guides to enhance a Hybrid Music Appreciation Course, and developing an authoring tool (Listening Guide Creator) to author the abovementioned listening guides. Alberto Bird , Emmanuel Diaz, Hostos C.C., CUNY, Miguel Garrido, Brandeis High School

The Heart, Arrhythmias, and Drugs
Students see the anatomy and physiology of the heart; and the effects of drugs on abnormal heart rhythms. K. Donohue, J. Gillen, Hostos Community College, CUNY